asiedu nketia 1Editor-in-Chief of the New crusading Guide newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako has taken General Secretary of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) to the cleaners, describing him being mischievous.

According to Mr. Baako, comments made by Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketia after the Supreme Court upheld the declaration of John Mahama as winner of the 2012 presidential election, contradict the efforts by both president John Mahama and opposition leader Nana Akufo-Addo, to consolidate peace in the country.

Mr. Asiedu Nketia on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme Friday stated emphatically that, the petitioners especially Nana Akufo-Addo deserved no praise. He said the petition was a waste of time and resource because the country had incurred more debt as a result of the live coverage and ensuring security at the court.

Speaking however, on weekly analysis current affairs programme Newsfile on Joy FM Saturday, Kweku Baako said the comments by the NDC scribe also called General Mosquito, could rather disturb the calm that nation is enjoying, adding that he “will not dignify it [Asiedu Nketia’s comments”] with a response.

He also condemned sentiments expressed by Mr. Fredua Anto, Chairman of the New Patriotic Party in the Ashanti Region accusing Nana Akufo-Addo of taking a unilateral decision to accept the judgment. According to him, the NPP leader publicly pledged to accept the outcome of the petition and “he did that” in fulfillment of that pledge.

“The Asante discord is also a voice of discord,” Mr. Baako maintained.

He admitted that although it would have been proper for Nana Addo to consult the party hierarchy before announcing his decision, that would have taken a longer time and could have created further tensions in the nation.



Nana-Akufo-AddoThe National Executive Committee of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has set up a committee to assess the ruling of the Supreme Court which dismissed a petition that sought to challenge the declaration of John Mahama as winner of the 2012 presidential election.

The party took the decision after a NEC meeting Friday, a day after the Supreme Court ruling.

Though the party’s 2012 flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo has indicated he will not seek a review of the judges’ decision, the executive committee of the party has tasked the team to study the reasons for the rejection of their petition.

Although it is not yet known the composition of the committee, Ashainti Ashanti Regional Chairman, Frederick Fredua Anto told Joy News, the committee will also advise the party on the way forward.

The Supreme Court in a unanimous decision on Thursday, dismissed the case of the petitioners and upheld the declaration of president John Mahama by the Electoral Commission.

In a related development, Chief Executive Officer of construction firm, EUROGET Dr. Said Deraz, has congratulated Ghanaians for the maturity they showed during last Thursday’s ruling.

Dr. Deraz in a statement said the maturity and tolerance exhibited by Ghanaians ‘are worth emulating by neigbours in the sub region and the entire continent of Africa”.

‘Ghana’s experience has charted an exemplary path for the continent and all of you will never be forgotten for recording this remarkable space in the political annals of the continent,’ the statement said.


Obama says US has ‘obligation’ to act on Syria, cites intel findings

obama-bestPresident Obama signaled Friday that the U.S. could act alone to punish Syria for a chemical weapons attack last week, saying the nation has an “obligation as a leader in the world” to hold rogue regimes to account for breaching the rules of war.

Facing rising skepticism in Congress and abroad, the president and top Cabinet officials tried to make a robust case for intervention on Friday — releasing an intelligence report showing “high confidence” the Assad regime carried out the strike and arguing that responding would be in the U.S. interest.

“This kind of attack is a challenge to the world,” Obama said, adding: “A lot of people think something should be done, but nobody wants to do it.”

He said his preference would be to form an international coalition to respond, but “we don’t want the world to be paralyzed.” Obama said he hasn’t yet made a decision, but is considering a “limited, narrow act” to send a message to Syria and others about the use of chemical weapons.

The comments put in stark terms the Obama administration’s position on the possibility of a military response — and particularly a missile strike — despite fraying international support.

The administration so far has failed to win over the U.N. Security Council, and British lawmakers on Thursday voted to reject any participation in a military strike. Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, though, indicated they were prepared to move forward and downplayed the importance of U.N. authorization.

Obama charged that there is an “incapacity” at this point for the U.N. Security Council to act.

As U.N. inspectors pull out of Syria following a week-long investigation into the attack, Kerry said the probe would not implicate anybody; only confirm whether the weapons were used.

“By the definition of their own mandate, the U.N. can’t tell us anything we haven’t shared with you this afternoon or that we don’t already know,” Kerry said.

Kerry was the most impassioned as he made the case for an unspecified intervention, saying there’s “no doubt” the Assad regime was behind this “crime against humanity.”

He cited the findings of the unclassified portions of the intelligence assessment, saying there’s clear evidence chemical weapons were used by the Assad regime last week.

“I’m not asking you to take my word for it,” Kerry said, urging people to read the report. “This is what Assad did to his own people.”

Kerry called Bashar Assad a “thug” and a “murderer” who must not be allowed to escape retribution for the attack.

The intelligence assessment said the U.S. government has “high confidence” that the Syrian government carried out the chemical attack using a nerve agent.

The report said preliminary findings show 1,429 people were killed in the attack, including at least 426 children.

The assessment claimed that Syrian chemical weapons personnel even spent the three days prior to the attack preparing for the strike. The personnel allegedly were operating in a Damascus suburb from Aug. 18 until the day of the attack, near an area the regime uses to mix weapons like sarin gas. On the morning of the attack on Aug. 21, according to the report, “a Syrian regime element” prepared for a strike, “including through the utilization of gas masks.”

The report said the symptoms of victims — “unconsciousness, foaming from the nose and mouth, constricted pupils, rapid heartbeat and difficulty breathing” — as well as videos showing dead victims with no visible injuries are all consistent with chemical weapons use.

“We know where the rockets were launched from and at what time,” Kerry said. “We know where they landed and when. We know rockets came only from regime-controlled areas and went only to opposition-controlled or contested neighborhoods.”

As Kerry and the rest of the administration make their public case for intervention in Syria, they are still running into heavy skepticism from Congress, in addition to the vote in London on Thursday, though France and other allies could still join the U.S.

Kerry said Friday the administration is mindful of concerns about an Iraq war repeat, and will continue talking to Congress, allies and the American people. But he said this would involve no boots on the ground and bear “no resemblance” to Iraq, Afghanistan, or even Libya.

“We know that after a decade of conflict the American people are tired of war. Believe me I am too. But fatigue does not absolve us of our responsibility,” he said.

The Obama administration briefed lawmakers on Thursday evening and was holding another briefing for staff on Friday. Meanwhile US Navy officials told Fox News that a marine amphibious ship, the USS Antonio, has now joined the US destroyers in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Brendan Buck, spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner, said Obama still has a “responsibility to explain to Congress and the American people the objectives, strategy, and legal basis for any potential action.”

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., though, said she agrees with Kerry “that the world cannot let such a heinous attack pass without a meaningful response.”


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Next NPP flagbearer: Ade Coker campaigns for Nana Akomea

NANA-AKOMEAThe Greater Accra Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Joseph Ade Coker, has called on delegates in the NPP to seriously consider their party’s Director of Communications, as flagbearer for the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections.

According to Mr Ade Coker, Nana Akomea can effectively lead the NPP into the next elections because of his years of experience in politics, having served variously and effectively as Member of Parliament and Minister in a number of ministries, and now as Communications Director.

Speaking on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem morning show on Friday August 30, 2013, the NDC Chairman said once Nana Akufo-Addo, 2012 presidential candidate, had decided to take a temporary break from the “hurly-burly of politics…(and) rest,” the largest opposition party should start looking for his replacement, and Nana Akomea would not be a bad choice.

He even volunteered to be the “campaign manager for his old friend.”

Nana Akomea served as MP for Okaikoi South for 16 years before stepping down in 2012. He also served in the Kufuor administration at the Tourism, Information and Manpower ministries.

He is currently the NPP’s Director of Communications.

Asked about the chances of Alan Kyerematen, who is tipped to throw his hat into the 2016 NPP flagbearer contest having failed in earlier attempts, Ade Coker answered that Nana Akomea will be a better candidate for the NPP in future elections.


Nana Akufo-Addo’s post-verdict speech after the supreme court decision

Nana+Akufo-Addo1Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the first petitioner in the dismissed Presidential Election Petition on Thursday called to congratulate President John Mahama on his affirmation as the validly elected president of Ghana.

Nana Akufo-Addo later addressed the media at his residence in Nima, Accra. Below is the full text of the speech the NPP leader.


I have called President John Dramani Mahama and I have now congratulated him on being elected the fourth president of the Fourth Republic of our country.

The Supreme Court of our nation has spoken and the result of the December 2012 presidential election has been confirmed as having been won by the candidate of the NDC, President Mahama.

As I said earlier, whilst I disagree with the Court’s decision, I accept it. I accept that what the Court says brings finality to the election dispute. We shall not be asking for a review of the verdict so we can all move on in the interest of our nation. Everything in my bones, in my upbringing and in what I have done with my life thus far makes it imperative that I accept a decision made by the highest court of the land, however much I dislike or disagree with it.

I am saddened by the verdict and I know that many of our supporters are saddened too. However, for the sake and love of our country, we must embark on a path that builds, rather than destroys, to deal with our disappointment.

I appeal to all members and supporters of our party, the NPP in particular to accept the verdict of the court. Even in our disappointment we can take pride in the way we have conducted ourselves. Even in our disappointment we can take pride that the NPP has again led the way in deepening Ghana’s democracy. To quote one of the Supreme court judges, ‘After this case, elections in Ghana will not be the same.’ In other words, we might not have been given the ruling we sought, but thanks to our efforts, we can hopefully look forward to an improved electoral process in our country.

I am grateful to my co-petitioners, Jake Obetsebi Lamptey and Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia for their hard work, dedication and their commitment as we pursued the legal options available to us.

My gratitude goes also to the Lawyers and the technical team for their unbelievable hard work and sacrifices. I am grateful to all the volunteers who spent days and nights working on pink sheets, entering data, photocopying documents, and labeling exhibits for the Petition. I am grateful to all the well-wishers for their prayers.

I must also thank my party the NPP, the officials, the foot-soldiers and supporters for their unflinching support and belief in me. The National Council of the party, having taken the decision to go to court, has been unwavering in its support.

I also want to thank my daughters and my wife, Rebecca, for their love and extraordinary support. There have been friends who have made unbelievable sacrifices of time, energy, ideas, money and a listening ear. I am grateful to all of them.

I am sure there are many people wondering what I envisage for my political future. I intend to take some time out of the hurly burly of politics, get some rest, reflect and then announce whatever decision I come to in the not too distant future.

In Ghana’s 56 year history, this is the first time a presidential election petition of this kind has been filed and pursued through the courts. The whole world has watched us in wonder and admiration. Our reaction to this judgment will be watched keenly in Africa and beyond and will set a precedent for generations to follow.

It is now up to all of us Ghanaians to put the dispute behind us and come together to iron out our differences, ease the tensions among us, and come together to build our country.

There are myriads of problems facing us as a people. This is the time for us all to come together and work to find solutions to the challenges that confront our people.

To my party, the NPP, I say we have a lot to be proud of; there are more than three years left in this political cycle to be a worthy opposition, and also position ourselves for the battle of 2016.

Today, let us wish our President well and thank the Almighty for His mercies to our nation. The battle continues to be that of the Lord’s.

God bless Ghana.


NDC: Petition victory is for Ghana, not us

asThe leadership of the NDC are asking jubilant National Democratic Congress to be moderate in their jubilation.

The General Secretary of the party Johnson Asiedu Nketia told the media shortly after the Supreme Court threw out the petition challenging the presidency of John Mahama that the victory is for Ghana and not for the NDC.

“The Supreme Court’s verdict is but only a validation of what we already knew and strongly believed as the true outcome of the last elections, and reflection of the will of the people. In the last eight months, we have collectively demonstrated a resolve to internalize and abide by our democratic principles, and resolved to solve all our differences through the process we have designed for ourselves as part of our constitutional democracy. There is an end to litigation and it is the hope and prayer of the NDC that following today’s ruling Ghanaians can relax and the country will move on peacefully.

“Like the 2012 elections itself, the victory we have just achieved at the Supreme Court is victory for democracy. The NDC wishes to urge all Ghanaians, irrespective of our political, religious, social, and economic background, to seize the moment and, celebrate this collective achievement with a common sense of purpose, and look into the future with a justifiable sense of pride. This is neither an NDC victory nor NPP defeat. It is a Ghanaian success,” he said.

Party supporters besieged the party HQ waving their white handkerchiefs in absolute jubilation.’s George Nyavor described the scene at the HQ as ecstatic.

Asiedu Nketia also congratulated the judges for agreeing with them [the respondents] and also applauded the petitioners for a good fight.


SC ruling a miscarriage of justice – Kofi Jumah

Maxwell-Kofi-JumahFormer New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament for Asokwa, Maxwell Kofi Jumah says there is a “miscarriage of justice” in the Supreme Court ruling which dismissed the Presidential Election Petition filed by his party.

The petition was filed by the NPP 2012 presidential candidate, Nana Akufo-Addo, his running mate Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and party chairman, Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey to challenge the legitimacy of President John Mahama.

After 48 days of hearing, the Supreme Court presided over by nine panel of judges on August 29, 2013affirmed John Mahama a validly elected president in the 2012 election.

The petitioners though disappointed with the verdict accepted it and have said they won’t seek for a review.

But Kofi Jumah on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme said he is saddened by the Supreme Court ruling.

“I am very disappointed in the verdict [because] I think there was a miscarriage of justice” he stated.

According to Kofi Jumah, the foundation of rule of law in Ghana has been seriously undermined because people have lost confidence in the judiciary.

He found it is intriguing that the Supreme Court will dismiss the petition after the NPP was also to prove massive of irregularities in the 2012 election with incontrovertible evidence.

The former Asokwa MP feared Ghanaians may no longer have confidence in seeking justice in the court given the outcome of the petition.

A livid Kofi Jumah overwhelmed by the outcome of the petition said he leaves it for posterity to judge.