Woman, 42, has £4,000 eyelash transplant after addiction to false lashes left her lids almost bald

123A female businesswoman who was addicted to eyelash extensions said her life has been ‘transformed’ by a £4,000 operation to restore her lashes to their former glory.

Finance director Caroline Medcalf, 42, said she ended up looking like a ‘frog’ when she wrecked her natural eyelashes by relying on extensions favoured by celebrities for over a decade, in pursuit of a fuller set.

The medical procedure pioneered in America has been brought to the UK by surgeon Asim Shahmalak, hair loss expert on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies.

Increasing numbers of women are damaging their eyelashes permanently due having overindulged in synthetic lashes and Ms Medcalf was left with just 3 eyelashes on her upper right lid and 19 on her upper left lid after years of damage through gluing on false extensions.

The damage was made worse when she got an eye infection a year ago, which caused itching and she rubbed off many of her already weakened natural lashes.

With almost completely bald upper lids, Ms Medcalf was too embarrassed to leave her house or even let her family, boyfriend or friends see her without her false eyelashes.

source: modernghana.com