10 Shot Over Kona Stool

111TEN PEOPLE, including elderly women, suffered severe gunshot wounds on Tuesday, over the vacant Kona stool in the Ashanti Region, reports reaching DAILY GUIDE indicates.

The victims, reportedly, were hit by stray bullets fired by the police to disperse a charged crowd from attacking the queen of the town, Nana Akua Abebrese II.

A group of irate people in the town hurled stones at Nana Abebrese II because they thought she wanted to impose her son, one Kwaku Koduah, on them as the next chief of Kona.

The scores of policemen at the scene were then forced to fire bullets and tear gas to send away the charged crowd, and this resulted in some of the people being hit by stray bullets.

Narrating the case to the paper, Richard Karikari, who was at the scene, said the town was temporarily thrown into a war zone as the townsfolk engaged the police in an exchange of bullets and stones.

He said in the course of the melee, some people, including some old women, were hit by the stray bullets fired by the police, adding that fear and panic was all over the area.

According to him, some group of irate people prevented Nana Abebrese II who was about to present her son Kwaku Koduah to the kingmakers as the next chief of the area, from entering the palace on Tuesday.

The townsfolk, reports gathered, vehemently objected to Nana Abebrese’s decision to have her son ascend the Kona vacant stool about two weeks ago, but nothing untoward happened.

This time around, the angry people who thought the queen mother was imposing her son on them as chief, resorted to throwing stones and objects at Nana Abrebrese II and her son, endangering their lives in the process.

Sensing danger, Karikari said, the police who were large in numbers, fired gunshots and tear gas to disperse the peeved crowd, and this resulted in some of the people getting shot.

He mentioned 52 year-old Nana Ama Bonsu, Kwaku Boakye, Obeng Kwabena and Kwaku Amoako, all natives of Kona, as some of the people who were hit by stray bullets during the clash.

He said the victims who suffered head, leg and chest injuries, were rushed to nearby medical facilities for prompt care, but Kwaku Boakye, whose injuries were severe was referred to KATH in Kumasi.

Karikari said tension is still rising at Kona over the vacant stool and appealed to the security agencies to be on the lookout.

source: modernghana.com


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