x06evi2uup_1cpplogoThe CPP is heartened that the Supreme Court has successfully determined the 2012 election petition thus bringing to an end this process and its duty under the constitution. We commend the panel of the Supreme Court Judges.

While the CPP believes that the content of the judgment would not satisfy all it must be known to all that it is the basis of the process and the true essence of democracy.

The CPP congratulates both the NPP and the NDC.
We particularly heartened by the spirited legal fight the NPP legal team put up and the statesmanlike manner in which the NPP Leader conceded defeat despite his disappointment. Ghana’s image has been uplifted by such show of statesmanship.

With the electoral aspect of democracy now resolved, the CPP believes that the path is cleared for the procurement of the economic aspect of democracy which must deliver economic growth, job creation, health and education provision to all, freedoms from want of any sort and security of a decent life. The CPP believes that democracy is a means for the delivery of quality standard of living for the people and not the electoral success alone.

It would be a case of a dumb squib if all this judicial exercise to resolve the electoral aspect of our democracy should only result in the return to the externally-dictated development policy of structural adjustment and poverty reduction strategies that have persistently led to mass unemployment and impoverishment of our people.

It is the firm belief of the CPP that the only salvation of this dear nation lies in the election of a government of the CPP with its development policy guidelines of Nkrumaism as a well-oiled mechanism to transforming our neo-colonial economy for the redemption of the nation from unemployment and poverty and not more of the same defective development policy which will bring about no improvement in the standard of living of our people.

The nation is crying for this salvation and the CPP is ready to deliver that.

Nii Armah Akomfrah
Director of Communication

source: modernghana.com


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