Exporters urged to embrace national strategy

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Export Promotion Authority, Mr Gideon Quarcoo has asked Ghanaian exporters to embrace Ghana’s new national export strategy to ensure a boost in the country’s non-traditional exports.

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the 82nd Izmir International Fair, Mr Quarcoo said GEPA was geared towards working with exporters to ensure that the vision of the strategy was achieved.

The new export strategy for the non-traditional export sector, spanning 2013 to 2017, aims to put Ghana on the global map as a world class exporter of competitive products and services.

It has set a five-billion dollar target for non-traditional exports by 2017 from current export value of 2.46 billion dollars.

Under the strategy 212 districts in the country must identify at least one significant commercial viable agro-based export product to help achieve the target.

Mr Quarcoo said the strategy also aimed at generating considerable number of jobs and improving incomes as well as the standard of living and welfare of the people.

He said the strategy would help strengthen and resource export development related institutions to ensure that the export culture is imbibed nationwide to avoid the dependence on traditional exports.

Mr Quarcoo said the target in the next four years was achievable when exporters picked up their game.

As a first step, he said, GEPA would work with exporters to increase capacity in order to overcome supply constraints and to enable them take advantage of regional exports opportunities within the Economic Community of West African States.

In this direction, he said, a monitoring and evaluation unit would be established within GEPA to help exporters in the districts to identify and get products to enhance the export revenue.

In addition, GEPA would also help exporters to meet international requirements, especially in the area of phytosanitary, and providing exposure to their products through support for their participation in trade fairs.

Mr Quarcoo said there would also be public campaigns on export of services in education, information and communication technology, multi-media and medical tourism into its NTEs portfolio.

He said GEPA’s participation in the 82nd Izmir International Trade fair (IZFAS) in Turkey provided a good opportunity for the Authority to help exporters diversify trade to the Middle East and Asia.

The GEPA is facilitating the participation of 12 Ghanaian companies in the fair, which is running from 29 August to 2 September.

The participating companies include pharmaceuticals, food and beverages and cosmetics.

source: ghanaweb.com


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